One of the upsides of the global pandemic is that couples have realized they are free to scrap the traditional wedding script and do their wedding on their own terms. In 2020, a number of my couples opted for a smaller version of their wedding and the resounding feedback from each of them afterward was that they wished they had planned it that way from the start. These micro weddings are now appearing all over Calgary.

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is typically a wedding with fewer than 50 guests. This event is like a traditional wedding day, just scaled back. In addition to being smaller and more affordable, it usually requires less planning. Despite these differences, micro weddings still often include things like cake cutting, a first dance and a bouquet toss. Micro weddings are not a new phenomenon; they’ve been gaining momentum in Europe for years and are now growing in popularity in North America.


Who should have a

Micro Wedding?


If you aren’t prepared to elope with your partner because you still want to share the day with loved ones, a micro wedding may be perfect for you. A micro wedding allows you to celebrate your union in a more intimate setting surrounded by your closest friends and family. Additionally, the shorter guest list offers the opportunity to spend time with your guests and more time with one another. Above all, it also often fosters a more casual environment where those attending feel more relaxed because there are fewer formalities and less structure to the day. 

Why do people have Micro Weddings?

People have been having micro weddings for a long time, but the last year saw a huge increase in their popularity. The global pandemic has forced couples planning weddings to look at different options to adhere to safety measures that have been put in place. As a result, couples have realized that smaller weddings are not only a suitable alternative but, in many cases, can be even more enjoyable than the larger event they had originally envisioned.  Some advantages of a micro wedding include: reduced costs, reduced planning, and fewer wedding day nerves. Above all these celebrations can lead to more focus on the meaning of your wedding day!


Where should I have a Micro Wedding in Calgary?

The great thing about having a micro wedding is that it opens more possibilities for venues. More venues can accommodate 50 guests than 200 guests. Some of the best venues I have experienced for intimate weddings in Calgary are as follows:

Christine Klassen Gallery

Rouge Restaurant

The Lake House

Another option is having your micro wedding in your backyard!


What if we encounter resistance to our smaller wedding plans?

It is entirely possible that friends or family may push for a larger event. You are loved and it is very likely that many people want to celebrate with you. If you have determined that a micro wedding is for you, then be prepared for this resistance and know that you can’t make everyone happy. This is one of the biggest days of your life and above all, it’s important to plan it in a way that is true to both of you!



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I believe micro weddings will be the future of the calgary wedding scene. They are an intimate way to celebrate your love.

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