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I am a Calgary-based wedding and Banff elopement photographer available for destination weddings. I have photographed dozens of weddings in Banff, from coast to coast in Canada, Jamaica, Mexico and as far away as Maui and Kauai.

Wherever I am, I love the process of getting to know a couple, and of telling the story of their wedding day in pictures.

Whether we’re adventuring in the mountains or spending time in Canmore, hanging out with them is the best. These three are also my favourite photographic subjects.


When I was a kid, my parents had a black and white darkroom.

They were amateur photographers who worked in colour as well, and I grew up surrounded by pictures of family and friends and above all, fun times.

My family life, then and now, has taught me a lot about people and has a big influence on my photography. I believe you can capture the essence of a day, of a time in a couple’s life, of their relationship with one another and those around them, by paying attention to the fine details—by capturing the small moments that tell the big story.

headshot of Banff elopement photographer Ross Dance

At a wedding, what I like to photograph are those in-between times that you and your guests might not notice or remember.

I love shooting weddings in the mountains or in natural settings because I—and my clients—often feel most comfortable there. Whatever the location, I favour using rich colour and glowing light to produce vibrant, lively images. Part of my job is to harness the inevitable stress of such a significant day and turn it into something special, because out of this stress comes real emotion.

The responsibility is huge. But there’s also a definite adrenaline rush from capturing special moments and emotions in pictures and using my own voice to tell the story. It’s challenging and immensely fun work.

At every wedding I photograph, I get to be part of one of the most important days in a couple’s life.

couple playing with dog before Banff elopement

I use the engagement photo session to help me understand the two of you and how to approach your wedding.

The engagement shoot

When I make pictures, what’s important for me is to make a connection with you. This enables me to, in turn, capture the real connection between the two of you. Above all, it lets me see the unique ways you interact with one other.


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